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How to earn

1. Copy the bold content in this post and post it on any of your choice social media with the post image

2. Come back and click link to earn according to your Plan/ Packages

Note; don’t click on link that is not for your Plan you will not earn and your earnings will be deducted.

And you can only click once or else your earnings will be deducted also

We are still on registration on any of your choice plan, you earn everyday this is not an affiliate site is an investment site we double your money and give you back after 20days 

We have package/plans you earn according to your Plan/Package and cashout in 10days. It very much cool and legit 👍 join now

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If the Earning doesn’t add to your balance please be patient we will add it will be added just signify in the support group

But make sure you do the task please post on social media

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